Generate Web Content That Answers Your Client’s Questions

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March 23, 2010 – As a lawyer, part of generating traffic to your website involves creating valuable SEO content that features the information people are searching for. A great way to come up with content topics is to look at the type of questions people are asking you and provide clear answers to those questions in your article library.

When we think of how to answer questions through Web content, the first area that usually comes to mind is your FAQ section. While there are a lot of questions that deserve answers in a FAQ format, choosing to answer some of the broader questions in a longer article is a successful strategy for incorporating the long-tail keywords that Internet searchers type directly into the search engines.

For example, if potential or current clients routinely ask you questions about how to sue a Government entity for a personal injury claim, this is a great opportunity to write an article that goes into detail about when and how to sue a Government entity in your specific state, or even city. This is one area in particular that is often confusing for people outside of the legal community to understand, and by providing this information in an article, you are increasing your SEO possibilities while helping those potential clients determine if they need legal services. If they can find the answers they are looking for on your website, chances are they’ll turn to you.

Creating a few practice area landing pages with general information about contacting a lawyer after being injured in a car accident doesn’t tell anyone anything of much use. Creating articles about what to do after a car accident, how to deal with insurance companies, and explaining the personal injury laws and limitations that apply to cases in your state answers the questions people are typing into Google when in need of legal services.

If your SEO content answers the questions your potential clients are looking for while utilizing the long-tail keywords they are using to search with, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting found and getting a new client on your roster.

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