Gerry Spence Teaches Importance of Showing Love to Your Clients

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February 24, 2010 – Last week, WeDowebContent’s Alex Valencia had the pleasure of attending the Florida Justice Association (FJA)’s “Workhorse Seminar” held Feb. 17 – 19 in Orlando. The event-a valuable Continuing Legal Education (CLE) opportunity for Florida personal injury attorneys and legal professionals devoted to protecting citizen’s rights-included a seminar by prominent Wyoming-based attorneys Gerry Spence and Kent Spence.

Gerry Spence who was recently named “America’s Greatest Courtroom Lawyer” spoke on “The Magic of Advocacy,” stressing the principle for legal professionals and lawyers that if you want to win for your client, you have to love your client. The idea is reflected in Gerry Spence’s website, where the attorney gives clear examples of how he and his firm have demonstrated a steadfast dedication to understanding their client’s cases and taking the time to get to know their client’s individual needs.

We believe that as a legal professional or lawyer, your original web content is an invaluable resource to demonstrate your desire to get to know and love your clients, thereby showing them that you want to fight-and win!-for them and their unique case. How can you use your web marketing strategy to help current and potential clients to see how you want to help them? Listed below are 5 ideas on how to bring the concept of advocacy-AND love of the client-to your original web content:

  • First and foremost, when creating your original web content, put yourself in the victim’s (or client’s) shoes. How would you want someone to speak to you, if you were in the same situation?
  • Don’t be afraid to brag a little bit (within reason and good taste, of course). Have you been recognized for your professional (or extra-curricular) contributions to the community or for your clients? Share that information with the reader.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of your practice areas by offering clear, concise information that is specific and never vague. Avoid posting legal web content that is confusing or could easily be misinterpreted by your readers.
  • Always be respectful to your audience. While you want to give easy-to-understand descriptions of complicated practice areas and legal terms, avoid any language or phrasing that could be misconstrued as condescending. It’s a delicate balance, but these are the types of details that can quickly (and rightfully) turn off a potential client and send them running to the next lawyer’s website.
  • Provide an easy way for the client to contact you and follow up with any inquiries or leads in a timely fashion. This is your pivotal chance to prove that you are interested in your client and that you have the time, energy, resources and inclination to focus on winning their case.

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