Get ahead of Internet trends, or risk losing customers

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In a recent article written for MediaPost, Gord Hotchkiss, details the importance of building a business’s online presence – and doing so quickly to avoid losing customers.

Hotchkiss uses the results of a recent survey to illustrate his point that not developing and quickly executing an online marketing campaign in not an option for businesses in this day and age.

The survey asked business to business buyers how they prefer to order things they regularly purchase. The results indicate:

  • 63% prefer to order online
  • 15% order from a local office over the phone
  • 12% order from a live sales representative

Does your marketing budget cater to the buying trends of your customers? How much money do you invest in your business’s online presence?

When developing an online marketing strategy it is important that you select a company that has Internet marketing experience, which includes copywriting, SEO services, and website promotion.

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