Get Ready to Celebrate National Punctuation Day!

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September 23, 2010 – We love any day that celebrates the writing of great content, and tomorrow is the 7th annual celebration of punctuation! Just think of how hard it would be to read all that great content on the Internet without periods, commas, and hyphens. Without punctuation you wouldn’t even have known that last sentence was a sentence at all!

September 24 marks the 7th annual “National Punctuation Day” which was founded by Jeff Rubin, a newsletter publisher. He founded the day in 2003 to increase awareness of the symbols that can make all the difference in a single sentence.

So how does one celebrate National Punctuation Day? According to the official website for National Punctuation Day, you should do things like read a newspaper and circle all the punctuation errors you find, take a stroll and find stores with punctuation errors on their signs (and ask them to correct it!), and help resurrect the dying art of letter writing by writing an error-free letter to a friend.


Cupcakes from last year’s NPD

Unfortunately, I wasn’t around at We Do Web Content for last year’s theme, which was a punctuation-themed baking contest. This year, it’s a haiku contest, to which I will contribute:

Can I comma here?
When writing a haiku, yes,
Please finish your thoughts.

Check out the NPD official website for more punctuation ideas, T-shirts, books, and other great resources for punctuation use. Remember that without punctuation, our website content would be nothing but one huge run-on sentence! And you couldn’t do great emoticons like these 8-D  🙂  ^_~

Or my personal favorite, the punctuation kitty:  >^,,^<

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