Get On the Right Foot with Ballroom Dancing Lessons

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Whether you are interested in learning how to ballroom dance for fun, to lose weight or for a combination of both, you will get the most from your ballroom dance lessons if you maintain the proper form.

While your ballroom dancing instructor will provide advice and guidance on maintaining proper form while dancing, it is a good idea to go into your ballroom lessons with a basic understanding of this idea.

Here are a few tips on ballroom dancing form to remember:

  • Maintain tension in your shoulder, elbow and wrist when moving your arms sideways, forward or backward
  • Keep your arms relaxed when they go up or down so you can easily lead into a turn
  • Begin providing upward pressure once your joined hands have passed eyebrow level on a turn
  • Twist from the bottom of your rib cage and snap your hips when making turns

You might also want to begin practicing the “Rise and Fall” movement that is common in ballroom dancing

To do this, step forward with your left foot and bend at your knees. Then, step with your right foot as you straighten up and bring your feet together. Repeat this movement over and over until you become more comfortable with it. After you get this basic movement down, you will be able to take your ballroom dancing skills to the next level!

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