Getting More Facebook Fans is a Contest in More Ways than One!

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July 25, 2011 – If you didn’t already know, we’re running a contest to boost our Facebook “likes” and get more people on the We Do Web Content bandwagon!

Head on over to the Back To School Contest tab on our page. If you’re already a fan you’ll see the full details on what’s going on, and if you’re not, “like” us and you’ll help give a child a backpack full of school supplies this fall!

Contests are a great way to gain extra fans for your business’ Facebook page
, and they don’t have to be elaborate. In the past, we’ve done trivia, “office choice” picks (like the Name our Fish contest), and number milestones (like our current contest). The prizes don’t have to be expensive, either…logo items (like our iconic tote bag), Starbucks gift cards, and yes, we once even gave away Swedish Fish!


You may think that these types of “likes” are useless – they’re just from people who want to try to win free stuff. While that initial fan may not be the client you’re looking for, remember that the average Facebook user has at least 130 friends. When that one user “likes” your page, their 130 friends see “____ likes (your page name)” on their own news feed.

This is the beauty of Facebook networking – when one user likes a page, all of their friends see this and have the opportunity to “like” it, too! You never know who your fans are friends with, and those extended connections could lead you to new clients!

This week will be full of social media topics and the importance of working with your Facebook business page to get the most out of this easy and low-cost Internet marketing tool.

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