Getting Your Content Team on the Same Style Guide

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Blog Series: Writing Your Own Style Guide

May 26, 2011 
– You may not be the only person writing on your website and that’s just fine. In fact, multiple contributors to a blog are often a great way to cover a variety of topics and avoid re-hashing the same old topics over and over.

There is some danger in using multiple writers when it comes to keeping a consistent style, and that’s where your style guide comes in. At We Do Web Content we train each of our writers on our style guide and encourage them to refer to it regularly. That way, all the content we produce for our clients shares the same clean, easy-to-read attributes no matter which writer is working on their content plan.

As you develop your style guide, talk to all the people who write for your website and get their input on the formatting needs for each type of content. Make sure their needs are met in the guidelines and create your standards for each content type. This way, if your normal blogger goes on vacation you can show the temporary writer how to format their new entries to maintain a consistent style.

Unfortunately, a style guide can’t really help you keep a consistent voice and writing style from writer to writer. We are all unique when it comes to expressing ideas through text, so there’s still a chance that your readers will notice a change in writers even if the content style is in place.

Holding all of your writers to the same style guide will help you at least keep a visual style up even if you switch writers often. Remember that readability of an article isn’t just in the words used, but the style in which they’re displayed.

Keep all your writers in style!

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