Getting your eBooks in the Hands of Potential Clients

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Blog Series: The Wonderful World of eBooks

September 15, 2011 – If you’ve been following along with us we’ve gone from topic selection to content creation. You’ve now got a great eBook ready to wow your potential clients and show them you mean business. But how do you get your latest bestseller into their hands?


The beauty of eBooks is that you don’t need to rely on expensive publishing companies to create a printed run (although it IS an option!). All you need is a well-developed PDF conversion and a simple request form on your website!

Preparing your eBook for digital distribution involves 2 main things: formatting and optimization. Creating a PDF isn’t too difficult, but you need to make sure that your finished product looks good. Don’t leave pages with tiny chunks of text and huge blank spots, and make sure all your margins are nice and uniform. Remember, even if it’s not a printed book it should still look like one.

Optimization is the key to maximize usability for your readers. An advantage of eBooks is that you can actually link to other parts of the book using hyperlinks, and you can even link to websites. At the very least, your table of contents should be optimized to allow a reader to click a section and jump right to it. Optimizing specifically for tablets and eReaders like the iPad or Kindle is also another new wave of eBook usability enhancements that you should consider.

If all this sounds complicated, we can help! We Do Web Content doesn’t just provide the meat of your eBook by ghostwriting custom, quality content, we also handle all the editing, formatting, and processing to make your eBook ready for the digital bookshelf. We can also help you with marketing the book to your potential clients through your website, social media, email campaigns, newsletters and press releases. You’re going to want to tell EVERYONE about your new life as a published author!

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