Give the Gift of Knowledge to Attract Clients

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December 1, 2010 – Happy December! The holiday season is in full swing and that reminds us that everyone loves getting free gifts! Did you know that you can increase your client marketing by giving away free stuff, too? We’re not just talking logo key chains and pens – information can be the greatest gift of all when you’re an attorney.


Clients love getting information for free!

You want your marketing to tell your clients you’re the most reliable, experienced, knowledgeable attorney in their area to handle their case. But how do you prove this without just saying it? Anyone can make an ad in The Yellow Pages that says this point-blank, but the proof is in your actions.

You can SAY you’re a competent, knowledgeable lawyer who’s concerned for their clients, but how do you prove that? If you’re confident in your abilities, you’d have no fear in giving away that knowledge freely. You do this in the form of informative content on your website, insightful blog posts, engaging social media discussions, and free eBooks.

When you’re offering free information to help your clients make tough legal decisions you’re also showing that you’re concerned with their needs. The underlying message in all the free information and knowledge you give away should be that it comes from an experienced attorney and to get the full benefit, they need to actually consult with your law firm.

The free information is the hook – once that’s in it’s up to you to reel them in to get more from your experience.

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