Going Mobile with Web Marketing for Your Law Firm

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Think about how you search for information today. For years the answer has been search engines, with Google leading the pack. That’s how most web marketing goes – try to rank highest on Google for your industry keywords. For years attorneys have been told if they’re not number one on Google they don’t stand a chance, but recent mobile and social search trends are suggesting that may no longer be true.

The way people get their information and news has been changing rapidly in the past few years. A milestone in information technology was achieved in 2011 when the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism reported that for the first time in history, more people were getting their news from the Internet rather than newspapers.

We know that producing quality legal web content is the number one priority for a firm’s web marketing, but the placement of that content is where new ideas are starting to take shape.

Mobile Devices vs. Desktop Searches

According to Monetate, a leading research company for web marketing and e-commerce, mobile information research is growing by leaps and bounds. At the beginning of 2012 tablets and smartphones accounted for about 11.5 percent of all website traffic. One year later, that number practically doubled to about 21 percent of the traffic to websites.


Google isn’t necessarily how all mobile device users get to websites, either. Sure, there’s a Google search app on every major OS, and most mobile browsers can be set to Google as the home page, but that doesn’t mean users are always going to search for information using a traditional search engine.

Social networking and local business listings are challenging traditional search when it comes to how consumers are finding the products and services they need. Mobile platforms are especially useful for local marketing efforts due to the GPS services on tablets and smartphones.

New Thoughts on Where to Market Web Content for Lawyers

Your website is still the main foundation for your web content – that won’t be changing for quite some time. The change comes in what you do with that content once it’s published to your site. You should continue to use SEO best practices to rank for Google, because many still conduct intensive research about attorneys and legal matters through traditional search methods.

What you’ll want to explore is repurposing and distributing that core content from your site to other channels better suited for on-the-go users. Here are a few ideas to get more mobile mileage out of your content:

  • turn your best articles into chapters of an eBook or a free guide and distribute it as a PDF for easy reading on tablets;
  • syndicate your articles and blogs on social media sites so followers and fans can browse them while they’re checking their news feeds; and
  • start an eNewsletter with your top articles and monthly information about your law firm so users can read it via email on their smartphones.

We Do Web Content offers all of these services – and more – to reach your target audience on nearly any Internet platform. From eBooks ready to read on tablets to social media syndication on smartphones, we’ll help you get found online! To get started, give us a call at 888-521-3880 or fill out our contact form and see what we can do for you!