Google Adds Possible Answers to Auto-Suggest

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December 11, 2009 – Google doesn’t just want you to ask, it wants to provide the answers. At least that is how it looks with the latest Google feature that generates Auto-Suggest answers to go along with their Auto-Suggest questions.

Most folks are familiar with the Google Auto-Suggest feature. It’s what happens when you start typing something into the Google search box and a scroll down menu appears with suggestions based on what you have typed in so far. The latest addition to this feature not only has Google suggesting what question you are typing in, but the answer to that question as well if it applies to: weather, flight status, local time, area codes, package tracking, answers, definitions, calculator, or currency and unit conversions.

Check out the screenshot below of what happens when folks try to get some info on Brussels.

google-suggestIt will be interesting to see how Internet searchers respond to the automatically generated answers, but for quick info like area codes or currency conversions, it seems like a really convenient addition to search.

What do you think of Google’s Auto-Suggest and all the other recent changes to the Google platform? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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