Google My Business and What it Means to Your Company

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Google My Business is a dashboard for businesses wishing to get online with Google. The two types of Google My Business accounts are for those with physical locations and those with only a web presence. The new launch gives businesses a single location to update their information across Search, Maps and Google+, making Google for business easier than ever.

Google my business, Google for businessGoogle has moved its business apps into an easily accessible drop-down type menu. You can access many things from the menu.

  • My Business.
  • Insights.
  • +YourBusiness.
  • and, YouTube.

Depending on which apps your business is using, you may see more or less in this view. For example, you may have a Review icon and or an AdWords Express icon visible if you’re a local business (with a physical address) and whether you’re taking advantage of these services. The My Business app is essentially your dashboard, from which you can manage your business identity on Google.

From your dashboard, you can quickly find and perform the following.

  • edit your page.
  • share a new post with your social audience.
  • access page insights.
  • find a quick overview of your Google Analytics information.
  • see key stats about your YouTube channel.
  • start a new video Hangout.

New Google My Business Insights!

Google my business, Google for business

Google My Business Insights provide a quick overview of your page’s social activity on Google+, and how well you are performing over time. The three tabs provided in Insights are:

  • Visibility.
  • Engagement.
  • and, Audience.

Visibility provides you with information on how many people have viewed your posts over time. Using visibility information you can pull out information relating to which dates your page received the most views. Understanding which factors may have been responsible for spikes in views, may help lead you to understand what type of content will be of most interest to your audience.

Engagement shows you the total number of actions performed on your posts for a given period. In addition to actions, you’ll find your most recent posts including the activity on each. You can scroll through this section to see past posts as well. Finally, there’s a section under Engagement called, “Average actions by post type.” This is key information that will help you understand which types of content your audience is finding most interesting, and it’s broken down by engagement type. Being broken down by engagement types (+1, comment & share) means you can increase specific engagement by sharing the most appropriate content for the engagement type.

Audience shows you how many new followers you’ve gotten over the last 30-day period (you can change the period with a dropdown), and on which days they followed you. You’ll also see demographic information such as from which country your followers are coming, and the percentages of male/female followers you have for each. Finally, there’s a “Gender & Age” section showing you further breakdowns with interactive graphs.

Google My Business AdWords Express Integration

In addition to the Google My Business Insights information, Google offers businesses AdWords Express integration. To get started with AdWords Express, new businesses would visit Here you can create a new AdWords Express account, and add it to your Google My Business account.

It’s important to note that Google must consider you a “local” business if you’re going to use AdWords Express. Alternatively, if you’ve already setup AdWords Express, you’ll find an icon added to your business apps dropdown section described above.

AdWords Express is a simplified version of Google’s full AdWords tool, and has a much easier learning curve. Basically, to get started with AdWords Express you’ll only need to do the following.

  • write your new ad text.
  • target your ads to a location.
  • select the type of service you’re promoting.
  • decide where to send traffic (your own website or Google My Business page).
  • and, set a per day/month budget.

Once you’ve provided the above information, Google will begin optimizing your new campaign and you’ll begin seeing new targeted traffic to your business.

Yes, there’s an app for that!

Google my business, Google for businessGoogle understands that many people prefer to be mobile, and to help meet that demand both Google My Business and AdWords Express have mobile Android apps. iPhone apps are promised in the near future.

The mobile AdWords Express app helps you set up new ads quickly, with easy-to-use targeting for your local area. The app also gives you easy access to the number of clicks, calls and views your ads are getting. Business owners will also see detailed ad statistics while on the go.

Google my business, Google for businessThe Google My Business app gives you quick, on-the-go access to your business on Google. For example, with the new app you’ll be able to actively manage your Google+ business page, sharing photos and videos directly with your business audience on Google.

The Google My Business app also gives you quick access to analytics information like visibility, engagement and audience.

The new Google My Business ecosystem is a powerful way to make Google for business easier and allow businesses to access customers with Google in ways never before possible. For help with Google for business and web content, call us at We Do Web Content: 888-521-3880 or use our contact form.