Google Caffeine and SEO

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August 19, 2009 – Ever since Google announced their new super secret restructuring project, code named Google Caffeine, SEO experts and online marketers have been anxiously awaiting more details, especially when it comes to how the seach engine giant will be tweaking their algorithms and affecting everyone’s current SEO campaigns.

While most the details are still just trickling out, and most of it is at best speculative until the changes are implemented on a large scale, Rob Garner at Mediapost wrote a nice little preview of what SEO changes might be in store when Google Caffeine takes full effect.

Here are a few key factors:

  • Key-term shake-ups, even among large brands using high-volume category level terms
  • Less of an emphasis on universal results
  • More room for real-time search updates

Check out the entire Google Caffeine and SEO article in Search Insider for all the exciting details.

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