Google Developing “Facebook Killer”…Again

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July 2, 2010 – When Google launched Google Buzz in February of this year it was part Facebook, part Twitter, part Flickr, and was met with little fanfare. Buzz acted like a Twitter feed for anything the user did on their other partner websites: Flickr, Google Reader, YouTube, Blogger, and yes, Twitter itself.

The social networking idea was met with critics citing privacy flaws, as well as the almost forced integration with popular Google features such as Gmail. One user complained that Buzz automatically added her abusive ex-boyfriend to her followers and exposed communications with her current partner to him. Other privacy concerns came from the unauthorized linking to the other Google services, especially Picasa picture services.

Taking note of Buzz’s failures and shortcomings, Google is back on the social networking bandwagon with a new Facebook competitor reportedly being called “Google Me.” Many speculate that Google’s sudden urge to overtake Facebook is a result of the unexpected and overwhelming success of the social networking giant.

Google has long been considered the king of Internet searching and has been steadily branching itself out into other venues for years. With the success of their mail client, Gmail, and e-commerce tools like Google Checkout, it’s not surprising that they’re still attempting to get into the social networking market. Google seems to want to have their virtual hand in every pot!

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