Google Gets a Caffeine Boost to Search Speeds

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June 23, 2010 – For a webpage to show up on Google’s search results, it must first be indexed into their system. This process involves “spiders” – programs that crawl a webpage and review its content and keywords for relevancy to search terms.

This month Google has released an update to their Web indexing system called Caffeine. The new system performs indexing tasks much quicker, allowing for new content to be placed in the huge indexed directory much faster than the previous system. The faster system also allows Google to churn out fresh search results with the latest page updates.

What does this mean to your Web content? The moment you publish a new blog or article, it will be added to the Google index much sooner than the older system. Caffeine is indexing hundreds of thousands of pages at any given second!

Websites that want to maintain their search result ranking on Google need to keep in mind that because Web content is now being indexed faster, website owners and developers need to continue to provide a steady stream of fresh, updated context for Caffeine to see. This keeps your keyword relevancy up and the “spiders” happy that your site is relevant to those keywords.

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