Google Launches New “Caffeine” Search Engine for Testing

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August 12, 2009 – Google is working on a new secret search engine (code name: Caffeine), and is currently allowing users to test it out and send in reviews (viaMediapost).

The new search engine is part of Google’s “next-generation architecture” and aims to return faster, more accurate search results and focuses more on “rewriting the foundation of some of our infrastructure” than a total re-working of Google’s search structure, according to Matt Cutts, Google principal engineer.

Right now the test site is just a special URL that looks exactly like the current Google homepage, but as with any major test, Google is hoping the reviews they get back will help them shape the new program. The fact that Google has invited web developers and SEO experts to weigh in on Caffeine could signify major possible changes to algorithms that will affect SEO and search engine placement.

Check out the entire article in Mediapost for more details about the new Google search engine!

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