Google Launches Social Search Through Google Labs

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October 27, 2009 – Social media is everywhere, even in your Google search results through Social Search, the new Google feature currently available in Google Labs that will allow users to pull relevant data from their friends’ social networks.

In order for the feature to work you’ll need to logged in to your Google account. From there, Google will pull data from your contacts and friends, identifying their social networks (Flickr, Google Reader subscriptions, blogs, Twitter, etc) and providing you with a separate and sorted “Social Results” that are selected based on keywords and relevant information.

For example, if you type in a search query for Halloween Costumes, you may see a separate box at the bottom of your search page titled “Results from people in your social circle for Halloween Costumes”, which can theoretically pull a blog post from your friend about their Halloween costume, a Twitter post from another friend who tweeted a link to cute Halloween Costumes, a Flickr account of a contact that has a photo album titled Halloween Costumes, and so on.

It’s a pretty cool idea, and since Google Social Search only pulls public data from your contacts there isn’t any weird privacy issues and you won’t be bombarded with lots of posts from strangers, ala a traditional real-time search.

Just to avoid any confusion, Google Social Search is a completely separate entity from the Google/Twitter search deal, which will allow tweets to show up in relevant Google searches.

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