Google Likes Links But Be Careful How You Use Them Within Your SEO Content

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While Google loves SEO content that has a good number of inbound and outbound links to other relevant pages, they’ll also penalize you for over-linking in your SEO content.

Writing services like We Do Web Content have seen many changes to Google’s preferences when it comes to hyperlinks within your web text. In the early days, the more links your content had the better, but now over-linking can paint your website in a bad light.

Repetitive linking is one of the biggest culprits to watch for when it comes to revising your old content. Most businesses will have several articles and blogs on the same general topic, which means there are certain keywords or phrases that are used often. Old SEO practices used these keywords as anchor text and they often linked to the same internal pages in each instance.

The problem with reusing the same anchor text that points to the same links is that it’s very similar to the taboo of duplicate content. When there’s no variety in linking practices within your content, Google takes that to mean you’re not really providing quality, unique content on your website.

There’s a lot to be said for what Google does and doesn’t like when it comes to how you handle linking within your content. You have to be careful to only link to relevant content on reputable sites, use proper anchor text practices, and make sure you’re not over-linking.

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