Google News Launches First Click Cap to Help Publishers

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December 2, 2009 – It’s not an easy time for publishers. Newspapers and magazines are watching their revenues shrink everyday and have had no issues pointing the finger at Google as the source of their downfall. Whether it’s by divine mercy or they are actually worried about Murdoch starting a trend where Bing pays newspapers to block Google from indexing them, Google has decided to throw a few concessions to publishers by ammending their “first click free” program for Google News.

1_google_logoUnder the new agreement, an Internet user that finds a story through Google News (or Goolge Web) that features premium content can now only access five free pieces of content a day. From Google:

As most users are generally happy to be able to access just a few pages from these premium content providers, we’ve decided to allow publishers to limit the number of accesses under the First Click Free policy to five free accesses per user each day. This change applies to both Google News publishers as well as websites indexed in Google’s Web Search. We hope that this encourages even more publishers to open up more content to users around the world!

Perhaps they should have named the program First Five Clicks Free? You can find more information on the program, as well as how it affects your news searches by visiting the Google Blog.

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