Google Now Letting Users Block Websites from Search Results

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arch 14, 2011 – We promise it’s a blog not related to the Panda update this time, but we’re still focusing on Google’s continuing campaign against poor search results.

The latest Google advanced search feature allows users to “blacklist” (as in ban) certain websites from your search engine results. This can be useful when you perform certain searches on a regular basis and find yourself always skipping results from a particularly annoying website.

As an example, if you search for recipes on a regular basis, but never like those coming from a particular recipe collection site, you can tell Google not to display results from that domain anymore, making your search cleaner and faster.

Right now, Google says they’re not using the blacklisting of a site as an indicator that they should de-rank that site in terms of general search engine results.
 It’s more for user’s personal preferences rather than flagging bad quality or malicious sites (as you saw with Panda, they’ve already got tools doing that). They did admit that the Google gurus will be reviewing the blocked site data to see if it COULD be used later to improve search results.

So how do you do it?
 The feature is still rolling out (hey, it was just released last Friday and Google has a LOT of servers), so we’ll have to take the Official Google Blog’s word for how this works. Basically, on your search results page you’ll start seeing a link near the result’s URL that says “Block all (domain) results”. Click the link and you’ll now see a little notice saying that results from that domain have been blocked.

Don’t worry if you accidentally block a domain, either, Google has an option to manage your blocked domains to correct any mistakes. These features only work if you have cookies enabled, or if you’re logged into your iGoogle account on a public computer.


So will this impact your Web traffic at all? Well, it’s hard to say because it seems like the tool is confined to personal use right now, but that doesn’t mean it will always be that way. However,websites with quality, useful content that’s unique to their domain should have little to fear as you likely have the type of content readers are actually looking for.

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