Google+ Pages; Like Facebook, But Not

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November 8, 2011 – Thanks to the Panda-shaped cloud dominating the Google-related newsfeed, it’s been a while since we looked at Google+. Yes, Google’s social media product is still alive and kicking, and continuing to listen to users by adding a long sought-after feature: pages.

When Google+ was first released on a trial basis, businesses were clamoring to grab an account and establish a business page. Google, in turn, told companies to relax and wait patiently so the company could ensure the business listing platform was in top shape.

Unlike Facebook-which has been an evolutionary process with trial and error-Google+ ensured businesses will get the correct account listing from the get-go. To do this, they disallowed business accounts as personal pages until they rolled out the new Google+ Pages option. Facebook had to learn as it grew, which meant an early-adopter business may have gone through various stages of Facebook presence.

Here’s a basic example of how Facebook Pages came to be:

  • When all you could do was create personal pages, many businesses rigged them to represent their company rather than an individual.
  • When Facebook Groups were released, businesses started creating groups to allow users to join up with them.
  • Facebook realized that they needed to create a way for businesses to have a presence without pretending to be an individual, so they created Facebook Pages.
  • Facebook began to verify real pages for celebrities and famous brands after too many imposters claimed listings.
  • To allow multiple users to administer a business presence, Facebook allowed admin privleges to be shared among several users and transferred.
  • Finally, Facebook rolled out custom page URLs and the rest is history in the making…

So here we are with Google+ Pages, and they’re very similar to Facebook Pages, including the look:


On a side note, Facebook has a Google+ page. Although since Google has a page on Facebookit’s not too shocking.

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