Google Panda 2.2: Top 6 Q&As from Our July 2011 Webinar

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July 19, 2011 
– Today’s webinar was a great success! A special thanks to Tom Foster, Jimmy Daly and the rest of the Foster Web Marketing and Fairfax Video Studio crew for making it happen! We’re all a little less intimidated by the Panda!


One of the cool things FWM does with their webinars is set up a live Twitter stream where anyone who uses the appropriate hashtag (#saveyourwebsite for this one) can ask questions and discuss the video. We had a great collection of clients and experts tweeting today, so we’re recapping 6 of the most important discussions.

The value of social media 
– The Panda is searching for content that has real users liking and sharing it on the Web. The more your content is shared through social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg (just to name a few), the more clout it gets with Panda. Don’t let your social profiles become anti-social by not responding to follower comments. Take advantage of social media marketing while it’s still free!

Keywords still key? 
– The old keyword-stuffing SEO strategies won’t impress the Panda, now-though, it’s always been for us-content is about relevance. Long-tail keywords help with client conversions, short-tails with search results. You need to research your keywords using a variety of tools, from a simple thesaurus to websites like SEOmoz.

Old content 
– You’ve got 2 choices: trash it or revive it. Visit the bottom of your archives and weed out outdated content. See if there are good topics that could use a fresh coat of “Panda paint” (in other words, optimize for Panda!).

Content integrity 
– When producing new content, don’t just focus on the SEO value and appeasing the Panda, remember that your content is first and foremost there to serve your clients. Ask yourself: is this content attractive to my readers? Is this information valuable and helpful to them? If not, it’s not worth writing about!

Following up 
– You can rank at the top of the search results, have hundreds of followers on Facebook and Twitter and still be failing at Internet marketing. Say what?! It’s true! If you’re not following up on your Web leads, you’re missing the boat! Remember that your content is more than just information for your clients; it’s also a way to connect them to your business. A call to action that leads to a contact form is an excellent way to gather the necessary info (e-mail, address, etc) to follow up with your potential and current clients.

Content scheduling –
 Consistency is important when Panda evaluates a site. Too little activity makes a site look unattended, while too much can make it look rigged. Develop a consistent posting schedule for new content to show you’re active but not spam-my. Websites like HootSuiteare great to schedule out social media posts, but don’t forget to throw in a few spontaneous posts now and then.

And there you have it! Six super-useful tips from We Do Web Content, Foster Web Marketing and a bunch of our Twitter friends!

If you missed the webinar, don’t panic! It’s available to watch at your leisure any time you need some reassurance that Google Panda isn’t the death of your website if you know how to handle it!

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