Google Places Search Gets an Upgrade

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November 18, 2010 – It seems that every day Google is adding something new to their search features. When you’re king of the mountain, you’ve got to stay innovative to keep your throne, especially with relative newcomers Bing and Blekkomaking waves in the search market.

With localized searching becoming more popular, Google Places has been getting the royal treatment when it comes to enhancements. Have you noticed the new map to the right side of your search results? Now when you’re searching for local businesses, services and venues you’ll see the Google Places results displayed with both a link and a “pinned” map.


Looking for a Starbucks? Bank branch? Handy maps now appear to the right!

What does this mean to your business? If you haven’t taken advantage of a Google Places listing, you need to! This is how customers are finding new places to eat, shop, and get professional services. Pretty much gone are the days of The Yellow Pages – the Internet is where it’s at!

Google Places isn’t the only spot where local counts – smartphones and mobile Internet devices like the iPad are all GPS equipped. This means local-specific search results are the new golden child for gaining the notice of new customers and clients.

Geographically-specific content will help boost your SEO for your website by connecting better with local keywords. At We Do Web Content we take time to review our clients’ location to help provide them with custom content that connects to their local community search needs.

And before we wrap this blog post up, why not use your smartphone or iPad this weekend to do a local search and find the Starbucks closest to your location. Then, treat yourself to one of the flavors of the season. The coffee chain has rolled out their holiday flavors (my personal favorite is the peppermint mocha). To celebrate, they’ve got an awesome YouTube video which mentions that through November 21 you can grab a holiday pick-me-up and share one with a friend for free!

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