Google Refines Standards to Improve Search Results

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May 12, 2009 – This week Google announced the addition of several news tools and open standards (free technologies) that will help internet users improve their search results.

The new Google applications are intended to help searchers find the most recent information pertaining to their search as well as determining what pages have the most relevant information.

Data extraction
, which is one of the most difficult aspects of computer science, is another function the new Google tools are aiming to improve. A new program called Google Squared, is designed to pull data from searches and allow the user to build a spreadsheet and use columns and rows to identify specific traits.

Google is also adopting RDFs and Microformat markups to improve the quality of search results, but individual Webmasters will ultimately be responsible for adding the new tags to their pages.

Another application called Wonder Wheel will allow users to see their results in a completely new format with the initial query at the center, surrounded by links and related topics in a circular pattern.

Other exciting new applications include Rich Snippets, Search Options to help users zero in on the exact kind of information they are looking for, and even an Android Sky Map that allows users to use a GPS to explore the stars.

Most of the new applications are currently available to Google users and the rest will be released later in the month.

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