Google Reveals More Top Search Queries For Your Website

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A recent announcement on Google’s Webmaster Central Blog reminded us that it’s important to focus on what your clients are typing when they pop up their Google search bar.

Google Webmaster Tools lets developers and SEO writing companies, like We Do Web Content, take a technical look at how well your website content is ranking in their search results. One of the main parameters we look at when developing a content marketing strategy is to see what search queries are driving traffic to your page.

Google’s letting us see a lot more of this data now, which means we can better tailor your keyword strategy and content topics to what your clients are inquiring about! It makes perfect sense – how can you write content to attract clients when you don’t know what they’re looking for in the first place?

At We Do Web Content we’re committed to providing top-quality content that specifically reaches the clients you want for your business. Before the first SEO copywriter is assigned to your website we perform extensive research on what makes your business great and how we can continue to improve upon your success!

You could spend hours sifting through Google Webmaster data and making search query lists – or you could just contact us! We do all the technical work for you, allowing business owners to continue their success in the office while enjoying success on the web!

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