Google’s Penguin Update Focuses on Quality Content by Ruling Out Webspam

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What is webspam? Pages that contain webspam are those whose content focuses on advertisements and ad links to other sites hidden within semi-coherent writing. Webspam at a glance looks like paragraphs of legitimate content but when you actually read the words they usually convey a vague bit of information on an irrevelant topic and have links and keywords completely unrelated to the article subject hidden within the text.

Webspam is obviously the last thing Google wants to be featuring on its search result page, which is why their latest update to their search algorithm, Penguin, is targeting this low-quality content and doing away with it. The question you may be asking now is “How does this matter to your website?”

The answer is that it shouldn’t. If you’ve been working with professional SEO copywriting services for your content marketing, you should already have well-written, relevant content that won’t put you in danger of being de-ranked by Penguin; however, you may want to look at your older content to make sure there was never a time in your site’s history that webspam tactics were used.

Google’s goal with their search engine is to provide only the top quality websites that answer a user’s query. While it’s true that you can pay Google directly to rank higher by buying keywords and click-throughs, you can also improve your natural ranking by featuring only the best quality content on your website.

Quality content means relevant topics, real information, appropriate anchor text leading to reputable links, and a healthy keyword use. We know this is a lot to process, especially when you’re only working with a 300-word blog entry, but it’s no hassle when you have the We Do Web Content team helping your website succeed! We’ll be exploring each one of these factors in this week’s blog series, so get ready to learn to live with Penguin!

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