Google Spiders Love Fresh Content

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Your potential clients and the search engines are hungry for more information! Are you feeding them what they want?

Think of it this way; you wouldn’t eat a piece of fruit that had been sitting around for months, or make a point of asking a waiter for the “least fresh” item of the day. But if your legal practice’s website is, ahem, resting on its laurels, that’s what you’re essentially asking your potential clients to accept; stale content.

And as much as your clients loathe old info, there’s someone else who hates it even more; Google. That’s right. Google is a snob and it doesn’t care about your stagnant content. The programs (aka. spiders) it employs to rapidly scour the Web for new content will turn their cold, electronic noses up at any site that fails to provide it with tasty, FRESH content.


What can you do to make those Google spiders happy with your site, and in turn, start to climb your way in the rankings?:

  • Post new search engine optimized (SEO) content onto your site at least once a week.
  • Include a law blog on your legal practice’s website, publishing frequent news items and short, interesting posts that relate to your practice area.
  • Consider daily postings on your blog with traffic accident updates (if you are a car accident lawyer), the legal “tip of the day” or firm happenings.

If you have any doubts about why you should jump on the fresh content band wagon, consider Wikipedia. There’s an Internet success story fueled by constantly updated and fresh content. And Wikipedia is rewarded handsomely for its efforts. Type in any number of varied terms into Google – Peru, car accident, Conan O’Brien, personal injury, whale-and who comes out on top? Surprise! Wikipedia.

Granted, Wikipedia is aided in no small part by its legion of dedicated writers and editors around the globe, while your legal practice may not have the staff to handle Google’s bottomless appetite.

That’s where we come in; We Do Web Content has developed a content system proven to generate results. We can alleviate the headache of brainstorming article ideas, researching keywords, and writing and editing your blogs and articles. Our writers have written thousands of Web pages on legal practice areas such as, personal injury, criminal defense, real estate, disability, and family law. We make it simple for you to concentrate on building your practice while we drive traffic to your website.

We Do Web Content provides personalized, relevant, FRESH content for lawyers and other business professionals around the country and world. We’re a close-knit crew that prides itself on combining cutting-edge innovation with good, old-fashioned customer service.

Our content carries the “Made in the USA” label and our diverse, creative staff is always dreaming up ways to improve your content and SEO rankings. Best of all, if something comes up – i.e. you have an idea for an article, or you want to brainstorm keywords-you can call our office and reach a human; no unanswered contact forms or voicemails here!

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