Google Website Optimizer Integrated into Google Analytics

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Google Analytics often gets overlooked by consumers in favor of sexier, more universal products, such as the much-lauded Gmail service, or simply disappears under the hype of Google+ integrations and the Penguin and Panda updates. But the service has faithfully provided one of the most important web management tools, and has arguably done it better than any other (free) analytics service can.

With that being said, it was much to our delight today when Google announced that Google Website Optimizer will be integrated into Google Analytics. Until now (and until August), Website Optimizer has been a standalone product, an experimental feature that users could test out. Starting over the summer, however, the service will be a part of Analytics entirely.

This is great news for content junkies like us at We Do Web Content, because the Website Optimizer advantages will allow segmentation of results for closer analysis of what’s really working on our pages and what’s not. Users will be able to run content experiments that’ll reveal valuable data about how visitors interact with the site, and a fancy little feature called the “Dynamic Traffic Allocation” will automatically shift traffic away from the lower-performing variants to higher-performing ones.

This feature can’t be turned off, and prevents low-performing variants from doing any damage. Basically, you still get all of the data from split-testing and experimentation, but you don’t have to suffer for it.

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