How to Use Google’s Customer Match for Creating Targeted Ads

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Google Will Now Let You Use Your Email List in AdWords for Better Ad Targeting

Google is now allowing first-party data into AdWords. What’s this mean for your law firm?

email envelopeThis means Google, like Facebook and Twitter, will allow marketers to use email lists to target customers in AdWords, as well as Gmail native ads and YouTube TrueView ads. It also lets you target Similar Audiences so you can target other users who aren’t currently on your email list. The new service is called Customer Match.

By now you should know the importance of your email list, or “herd” as some call it. Whether it’s clients, newsletter subscribers, or users who have downloaded your eBook or eGuide, your list is your opportunity to continue branding and sending information to clients or email subscribers. Now more than ever it becomes important to have your content on point so you can collect user data. Having content like eBooks and white papers that answer specific questions for the user can spark emotion and educate the user enough to have them subscribe or download. And now you can use that email data to target those users in AdWords.

Facebook and Twitter’s first-party data targeting currently allow you to cost effectively create audiences based on emails from your list, allowing you the opportunity to brand and create ads, content, or offers tailored directly to past clients or subscribers. Have a local event? You can also use this data to invite or create an ad for any local events you may be hosting or speaking at. Some additional types of content for the ads include posts, videos, local offers, and more.

Below is a short video on how to create  a custom audience and add your emails to FB.


So while you can now use email lists to target users in Google AdWords, first you’ll have to build that email list. We Do Web Content can help you create eBooks, newsletters, and other products that help you capture emails so you can stay in touch with users and even target them in search results. Give us a call to talk about how we can help: 888-521-3880.

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