Google’s Local Search expands realm of possibilities

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According to, Local Search, the search function on Google which allows users to search for businesses in a designated area, is expanding to include more options for networking. Other sites are taking advantage of the tool and have developed technology to combine social networking sites with the search function.

Google is introducing several new Local Search functions including:

  • A dashboard that will enable small businesses to enhance listings
  • Statistics on frequently searched keywords for local searches
  • Local search traffic and zip code statistics
  • Data via the dashboard on how visitors arrived at a company’s local listing is a site that is capitalizing on the Local Search function and providing users with the ability to get reviews from friends on businesses in a certain geographic area. Reviews are common on online business listings, but Click2Connect’s business model is based on the premise that you’d rather get a review from a friend than an anonymous source on the World Wide Web.

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