Grocery Savings Cards — Do They Really Save?

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Want to know how to save money on groceries? More and more grocery stores are requiring you sign up for their frequent shopper card to get the best prices or to earn reward points. Are these cards worth the hassle? Will they help you save money?

Most of the time you will get cheaper prices and save money on groceries by using the savings card.
You must watch carefully and make sure your grocery savings card is scanned to get the savings at the cash register.

Mistakes can be common, as seen in this example on
“It happened again-the cashier did not scan my grocery store “saving card!”  This time, the grand total of my refund was over $28!!!”

If you shop at a particular grocery store often, sign up for their savings card to help manage your grocery budget.
In some cases, the savings card eliminates the need to clip grocery coupons.

Visit our library to get more information about budgeting for groceries,

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