Happy Birthday Copy Corner!

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Happy birthday Copy Corner!

Well, I can’t believe it, but it’s been a full year since I started writing weekly Copy Corners and sharing what I’ve learned. In honor of the anniversary, I figured I would share a few of my favorites.

Grammar You Don’t Know You Know

My absolute favorite from the last year is my September post on grammar you don’t know you know.

I would never claim to know everything about grammar, but until this post, I didn’t realize there were things I knew and didn’t know I knew. (Another thing I didn’t know: That sentence is somehow grammatically correct.)

Doing this blog made me realize how difficult it is to learn English.

I mean, have you ever wondered why cake is spelled with a c instead of a k? Well, a six-year-old asked me once and years later, I learned it’s due to the Rule of C that I knew but didn’t know I knew.

Essentially, the Rule of C states that we use the /s/ sound if the c is before e, i, or y (e.g., cite and cereal); if not, we use the /k/ sound (e.g., corn and crunch).

How Reading Makes You a Better Writer

While I spend about 85 percent of my waking moments reading, I’m always going to love a study that tells me I can read more — and become better at my job.

So read a few chapters of that novel you’ve been meaning to start. Just remind yourself that you’re working on becoming a better writer (and person, according to The Guardian and TIME).

Punctuation Hybrids

My favorite Copy Corners are the ones in which I learn something, rather than just spouting off what I already know. Before writing this post, I had no idea any of these punctuation hybrids existed.

Who knew we needed an exclamation comma or interrobang? Until writing this post, I didn’t think writing ?!  took up too much of my time, but maybe it did. If not, the interrobang (‽) wouldn’t exist.

It’s doubtful that the SarcMark will get a lot of use from professionals, but maybe Apple will add it to the next update. Personally, I think we need a SarcMark emoji. At the very least, I do; sarcasm goes straight over my head, especially when conveyed via text.


Of course I have to mention the post that got us all here: my very first post on proofreading.

And a year later, the message is the same: take a few minutes to proofread your work; your business might depend on it.

Thanks for sticking with me each week; I hope you’ve all learned just as much as I have this last year!