Hardee’s introduces new menu item via social media

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The fast-food restaurant chain, Hardee’s, is introducing a new menu item and using a multi-platform campaign to advertise the product. Biscuit Holes are “biscuit dough, cut into doughnut-like holes, deep fried, then tossed in cinnamon and sugar and served with icing.” According to an article by MediaPost, Hardee’s has developed a campaign using “integrated advertising, social media and online components.”

Commercials featuring Biscuit Holes sampled by a “man on the street” are being broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, and on television in the Midwest and Southeast.

Hardee’s is hoping that the public will get involved in giving the Holes a new name and has set up a website for consumers to make suggestions at www.NameOurHoles.com. The microsite provides the following social media options:

  • Twitter – consumers can go to the site, then tweet suggestions to followers
  • Facebook – suggestions can be added to a profile’s “Wall”
  • YouTube – consumer-made videos can be added to Hardee’s channel on YouTube

A mobile component is being touted as “the most novel aspect of the campaign.” Users with phones that have mobile Net access can interact by submit name suggestions, watching commercials via streaming video, sharing the site, sending Hardee’s greeting cards and receiving updates from the chain.

Read more about Hardee’s aggressive new advertising campaign for Biscuit Holes.

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