Hashtags on Facebook: Don’t Jump on Social Media Trends Right Away

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On June 12 Facebook made the long anticipated announcement that it was adopting the #hashtag support that Twitter users have been enjoying for years. In 2009, search engine web marketing got a boost when Twitter made hashtags clickable for search results. Hashtags have become one of those social media trends that are both loved and hated by many – and now the Facebook community can join in on the debate.

Is it worth adopting social media trends as soon as they hit?

Just like any technology, social media trends sometimes need a little time to get the bugs worked out before they’re relevant to web marketing. The Internet meme has become a trend that even well-known brands are using to capture attention on social media, such as the Most Interesting Man in the World image.


Other trends – like posting pictures of your pets with their head poking through a piece of bread (“pet breading”) – just don’t quite lend themselves to marketing businesses.


The announcement of Facebook’s hashtag support isn’t relevant to everyone, simply because it was not made available to all users at once. New features to social media platforms, such as Facebook’s timeline and graph search, don’t always hit all users at once, which means if you’re an early adopter you could be alienating followers who don’t have those features active.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait on Social Media Trends

With web marketing it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and practices, but there’s a difference with being up to date and being too quick to adopt a new method. Sometimes with social media trends it’s best to wait a little bit to allow the method to be tested out among different industries.

Youthful brands like Taco Bell are more apt to hop from trend to trend as they die down, constantly changing their web marketing strategy the second a new social media trend hits the scene. More mature brands like American Express take the time to let social trends develop and prove they’re long-standing before they integrate them into their web marketing plan.

So which plan is best for your business? Unless you want to be reevaluating your web marketing plan every few months as a new trend appears and fades, you’ll want to sit back and let the latest buzz come to maturity. Hashtags have worked on Twitter for years, and people have been using them on Facebook before they were functional, so it’s not unlikely that this will be a trend to stick around.

As a final note on the Facebook hashtags, remember that for your personal account, they do have the risk of making your posts more visible to anyone who searches that hashtag. Remember to watch your post security settings when using hashtags – any posts marked as public can be seen by anyone who clicks on that hashtag.

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