Have a Content Plan But Allow for Spontaneous, Relevant Materia

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If you don’t have a content plan, you’re going to have a weak marketing strategy – how are you going to reach your goals if you don’t know how you’re getting there?

A content plan is where you develop your topics and areas to focus on so your website, blog, newsletters, and all other Internet marketing methods will help feed your business. Before you can run a successful, relevant content campaign you have to get a plan going!

Your content plan should focus on the most important points of your business first and expand on them as time goes on. Get those critical topics covered from the get-go to draw general interest in your business, then get detailed into the less popular but still important details. The important topics are your low-hanging fruit – easy to develop. But it’s those unnoticed questions that aren’t always in plain sight that can really let you target specific client interests.

When you have a well developed content plan you still don’t have to stick 100% with it as time goes on. In fact, variety is good in your content, so spice it up once in a while! Of course, keep to relevant content for the most part, but there’s usually no harm in writing a quick blog post to show off your newborn son or to congratulate the softball team you sponsor for winning its latest game. It’s a bit of spontaneous variety that shows your clients and Google that you’re not just a careless client of a content farm!

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