Heal Your Teen’s Substance Addiction with a 12-Step Program

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If you suspect that your teenager uses drugs or alcohol, the first step is to confirm your suspicions. Falsely accusing your teen of substance abuse can break any trust and drive a wedge between you.

Consider these symptoms of teen substance abuse from National Youth Network:

  • Change in school attendance and academic performance
  • Sudden disinterest in extracurricular activities that were once liked
  • Extreme mood changes
  • More aggression, secrecy, and nervousness than before
  • Insistence on wearing long sleeves or sunglasses when not appropriate
  • Stealing or borrowing money constantly
  • Hanging out with friends who act similarly or are known to use substances

If you notice some of these changes in your teen, you have reason to suspect substance abuse. Your next step is to consider treatment centers for teenage substance abusers.

Find Help for Teenage Substance Abusers

Fortunately, there are plenty of treatment centers available for those with substance abuse problems. In fact, many specialize in curing teens using the 12-Step Program, although typically that is just one layer of the treatment.

The Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center features a program for teens that uses 12 steps to heal, as does Echo Malibu. The Phoenix Outdoor Program provides a setting in the wilderness, but still uses the 12-Step Program to cure symptoms of teen substance abuse.

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