Hey Attorneys – Google+ Local Loves Your Law Firm!

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Local business marketing on the Internet for a law firm can be difficult, especially with multiple attorneys in one office. In a world where duplicate content is a danger, how do you create multiple listings for each attorney without getting penalized for multiple accounts?

This topic has been a long fought battle for us in the local business listing world. It seemed every time someone came up with a legitimate work-around to Google Local’s ban on multiple listings for one address, Google would put it down immediately. We know it was done to keep businesses from “stacking the deck” on the search results with multiple listings, but for businesses that legitimately had cause to do multiple listings for each attorney or doctor, it was a serious issue.

Why Google Said No Multiple Professional Listings at First

Google’s big deal with local business listings for individuals at a single address was that in most cases there were no unique phone numbers to directly contact each individual. Most law firms or hospitals list a main number and either have a directory or phone system that allows callers to get to the person they’re trying to reach.

Unless your office already had direct phone lines (extensions didn’t count) for each professional, most businesses that had multiple listings on their address would get removed…until now!

Most of the businesses that had this issue had a legitimate need for listing their Google Local profiles in that method. These buildings had multiple practitioners or professionals all in one office, but all with different clients. They legitimately needed to have their own identity on Google Local.

Google+ Local Finally Listened to Multiple Professional Listings

When Google Local integrated with Google+ the development teams really started listening to what businesses needed out of their local business listings. Enhancements have been cosmetic and functional, and the recent addition of the multiple listings at one location is a bit of both.

Now when you have a single office building, say The Smith Law Group, your address at 123 Smith Street will be the main location that shows at Google Maps and on the search results page. On this listing for your main law firm, there will be an expanded listing of “At The Smith Law Group” where all of your attorneys’ individual profiles can be accessed.

Here’s an example of Memorial Regional Hospital’s listing:


See how they have their individual departments listed? Each listing is a separate entity with its own direct phone number, as well as a suite number when applicable. This setup can be used for each attorney in your office, or if you own a building with multiple businesses, each one can be listed under your main building name along with its suite number.

Put All Your Employees and Departments on the Google Map!

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