3 Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook 360

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Law firms looking to harness the power of social media to reach new clients might be wondering about Facebook 360. This new type of immersive marketing is helping brands bring followers into their world.

Before you take a leap into Facebook 360, review some of the details of the new features.

What is Facebook 360?

Facebook 360 lets content creators post photos and videos with 360-degree views. It’s easy to see how companies like National Geographic can use this technology to bring followers to exotic worlds and experience nature’s majesty. Or how outdoor and active gear manufacturers can display their products in action.

But even small businesses and offices are using the technology.

How can law firms use Facebook 360?

Before you go all-in on video equipment or hire a production team, first think about how you will use Facebook 360, and to what benefit. Here are a few common ways businesses are using the new feature:

Virtual Office Tour

Some businesses are posting 360-degree views or tours of their offices. As far as law firms are concerned, this might alleviate jitters for first-time clients who might be nervous to visit a lawyer. With a lot already on their mind – their legal issue most of all – giving them an immersive view of where they are going and what to expect when they get there could ease a few nerves.

Show Your Team in Action

Businesses might also use 360-degree photo or video to peel back the curtain and give followers a behind-the-scenes look at the office. Law firms might use it to introduce followers to their staff and explain what everybody does, demonstrating the value of your firm and the hard work that goes into helping clients.

Out-of-Office Connects

Companies that participate or hold charitable events might take 360-degree photos and videos of the event to share with followers. Or they might post photos or videos of team-building excursions. And still others might use Facebook 360 to share photos and videos of personal experiences of business owners or members of staff, such as hikes in local mountains for example.

The idea is to not only sing the praises of your business or law firm, but to ultimately make connections with followers and build an audience. Sharing a glimpse of who you are and what you do can help your business accomplish that.

What does it take to make a Facebook 360 post?

If you are interested in taking a static Facebook 360 photo, all you need is a digital camera with a panoramic mode. The latest models of iPhones and Androids will do this natively. The only thing required of you is a steady hand.

On the other hand, 360 videos require a special camera to capture the action properly. Facebook shared directions for assembling your own 360 camera rig, and it is not for beginners. Alternatively, there are 360-degree cameras on the market that vary from small sticks to professional rigs on stabilizers.

Along with the right camera, you will need the right video editing software and expertise to stitch the frames together for a smooth video. There are companies who will do this for you professionally.

What do all legal marketing strategies have in common? Content.

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