How National Awareness Campaigns Can Benefit Your Social Networking

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October was Breast Cancer Awareness month and now we’re moving into Movember, or No-Shave-November. This has become an annual tradition for many businesses to raise support for men’s health issues and create a little friendly competition in the office. The concept is simple: spend the entire month growing a moustache in support of raising awareness of men’s health issues.

These monthly philanthropic campaigns are great examples of simple gestures your business can make that benefit a good cause AND help promote your community involvement. Plus it’s a great boost to your social marketing!

Why You Should Take Notice of Movember

Movember is a creative way to do philanthropy and show your business’s community outreach in a public, entertaining manner. Special events like Movember serve as both a community outreach opportunity and a playful internal morale booster.

The official website,, has a huge list of resources both for businesses and individuals looking to support this movement. There are success stories from famous companies’ campaigns over the years, as well as opportunities to compete against other companies in your industry. All of this competition is a great opportunity to drive up some hype on your social networks.

Promoting Philanthropic Events on Your Social Networks

Fun is the key to a good philanthropic promotion within your business. Just doing a fundraiser jar on your front desk might not cut it – set up a campaign that’s more in-your-face (pardon the pun). Movember competitions are super social because you have physical progress to show throughout the month as participants grow their ‘staches.

Photos and video are the two types of social media content that drive the most shares, likes and response. The Movember competitions are ideal for this type of media as you do daily or weekly facial hair updates or weekly moustache movies to talk to the participants and track their growth.

The Movember social media formula can be applied to any type of long-term philanthropic fundraising event. All your office has to do is pick a cause that’s near and dear to your business or community and rally around it with an interesting challenge. It’s even better when you can partner with a local non-profit that supports your cause and discuss fundraising events or methods with them to ensure you’re on the right track.

Why Philanthropic Challenges and Events Are Shareable

Social sharing is quickly becoming the second most popular way for users to find and discover new things. Search engines may still be king for content research, but social sharing has the unique ability to help users discover things they never knew they wanted to learn about.

Many businesses gain new clients through sharing of social content by their current customers, and content is only shared when it’s entertaining or relevant. By supporting a philanthropic cause that’s near and dear to your local community and current client following, it potentially expands your reach beyond your fanbase to the friends of your followers who share your content. The more entertaining and important your content is to your clients, the more likely it is that they will find it worthy of sharing with their friends.

The first step to a great social sharing campaign with philanthropic support is to have great content about your efforts. To find out more about how great web content can connect your business to your community, talk to us online or give us a call at 888-521-3880.