How to Capitalize on Facebook’s New “Like” Functionality in 3 Steps

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March 2, 2011 – Yesterday we reported on the new update to the way Facebook treats it when someone “likes” a page. Instead of the normal one-line status update saying you like something, you now display a robust little snippet about the page in question for all your friends to see.


Can you stand out from the “liked” crowd?

What matters here for you as a business is that your pages – on your website or through your blog posts – can all benefit from these enhanced like announcements. That is, if you know how to capitalize on them. We’ve got 3 steps on how to draw attention to your liked pages and attract new customers through your existing fans.

Step #1 – Put your best face forward.
 There are 2 main ways to get a good image to display as the thumbnail for your liked page. You can either make sure it’s placed in the page body as a clean JPEG image and allow the “liker” to select that image themselves, or with a little behind the scenes HTML code you can set a specific image to be used. Either way, make sure there’s a relevant, attractive image to thumbnail when someone likes your page.

Step #2 – Be short and sweet with your meta.
 The little blurb of text contained in the like post is called a meta description and is built into the hidden code within your page. Your content manager or web developer can help you with getting this code to display, but it’s up to you to write it. That is, unless you have We Do Web Content to help! We write attractive, attention-grabbing meta descriptions that not only relate to your content but make potential clients click to read more!

Step #3 – Preview your Like links.
 If you already think you’ve got your meta and image stuff down pat, do a test like to see just how it will display on users’ profiles. Go in and like a page on your website, then have a friend log in to their account on a separate browser and see how that appears on their news feed. If it’s engaging and inspires curiosity, prompting you to click and find out more – great! If not, back to the drawing board.

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