How to Celebrate National Be Kind to Lawyers Day 2015

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April 14, 2015 is National Be Kind to Lawyers Day, an idea proposed by public speaking expert Steve Hughes, who counts lawyers among his clients, in 2008. It’s a way to show appreciation to the people who work tirelessly to right wrongs and settle disagreements.

We Do Web Content works with dozens of attorneys across the country. Every day we see the hard work these professionals put into their calling. In honor of the men and women of the law, we’ve put together a handy celebration guide!

Tips for Recognizing and Thanking Your Lawyer

The legal profession is one of the most stressful occupations there is. Lawyers often spend upwards of 80 hours a week working on their cases. They put in many a late night to ensure they are taking care of their clients. Whether you work with an attorney, you’ve hired a lawyer to personally represent you, or you have a close friend or family member in the legal professional, take a few minutes to recognize what they do.

Send a quick email, thank them in person or over the phone if you happen to talk to them today, or get them a little something special.

Not sure what to get? A simple gift card can be nice. A gift card for dinner or a movie or a local park is a good choice they can share with their family. A gift basket is another good choice to give them something to munch on. Even sending them a greeting card is a good way to recognize their work and show your appreciation.

For several years we even put together some gift guides for lawyers that can give you some ideas.

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Happy National Be Kind to Lawyers Day from We Do Web Content!


Update: Check out the awesome infographic we made for Be Kind to Lawyers Day 2016!