How To Create a Great Landing Page for Legal Websites

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October 15, 2009 – A landing page is basically defined as the web page a visitor lands on when they visit your website. When you are creating PPC ads you choose the web page those ads link to when people click on them and that becomes a landing page. Your home page is also a frequent landing page, but with SEO, since so many individual articles and blogs will show up in search engine results, each one is a potential landing page.

For the purposes of this discussion we’ll focus more on the traditional landing pages, such as the web pages that introduce a practice area and act as a doorway to your website. The information on this page is critical, as well as how that information is displayed, navigational features, and aesthetic choices.

A good rule of thumb is to think of your landing page like a room. If a visitor finds themselves in a room with no information, no clearly marked doorways, and doors that don’t work or lead to nothing, they will quickly turn around and leave the way they came in.

Clear and Readable Content

Your landing page needs to have relevant information written in short, clear paragraphs that incorporate and speak directly to the keywords for that page to let your new visitor know exactly who you are, what you do, and what information can be found on your website. This should be accomplished through a few concise paragraphs as well as clearly defined links to articles on supporting subjects. You can use subheadings and bolds to break up the text, but don’t choose anything too flashy, complicated, or stylistic. You want your landing page to look smart and sophisticated. Leave the funky designs for your throw pillows at home.

All of this information should be presented in a reasonably sized font (10-12 pt for text, with slightly larger headings), in a readable font style, with text and background colors that do not strain the eye. This means not putting light blue font on a dark blue background or using white text on a black background. Choose colors that contrast well and do not hurt the eye when people are trying to read about your company. You want your visitors to be as comfortable as possible and not give them an easy excuse to leave.

Navigation and Functionality

The sidebars and top navigational areas of your landing page should also feature clearly marked (and working!) tabs and links to your Contact Information, About Us Section, Home Page, Other Practice Areas/Library, FAQ Section, and your internal blog(s).

It goes without saying that these tabs and links need to be functional, but you would be surprised at how many broken links or confusing navigational issues exist on most websites, and it is precisely these technical issues that send many visitors away. After all, if a visitor does want to click on your About Us tab to learn more about your legal practice and they hit a dead-end, 404 error page, or are directed to another page entirely, they aren’t going to waste another 5 mintes trying to follow your link maze, they are going to leave and find a website that works the way it should.

When a website has these basic organizational and navigational issues, a red flag goes up in a visitor’s mind. If this lawyer can’t even maintain their own website, how will they handle my case?

Let your landing pages market you and your website in the best possible light by ensuring the aesthetic, technical, and organizational (content) pieces are all in place, safely and easily directing your website’s visitors where they need to go.

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