How to Edit SEO Web Content

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August 8, 2009 – Many areas of the Internet are still heavily influenced by what came before, i.e. – web “pages” and “book marks” are among the terms that are commonly used to describe content on the Web even though their use began in print. This concept has led many people to believe that editing SEO content for the Internet is practically the same as editing for a printed publication.

This unfortunately has resulted in a lot of unreadable web pages. The way people read information online is very different than how people read a piece of paper in their hands and it is imperative to edit your content accordingly or risk losing your audience, even if the SEO content itself is brilliant.

A few good rules of thumb for editing SEO content for the Web include:

  • Choosing a readable font in a reasonable size (nothing smaller than 10 pt.)
  • Staying clear of including too many colors, flashing graphics, etc on the page
  • Keeping paragraphs short (several small paragraphs are easier to read than 1 or 2 large ones)
  • Bolding points of interest

Creating web pages that are too distracting to read due to wild graphics, creative use of color, or long blocks of unbroken text can hurt readers’ eyes if they stare at them on a glowing computer screen for too long. Take this into heavy consideration when planning out the physical layout of your website’s SEO content.

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