How to Get More of Your Twitter Followers to View Your Posts

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Twitter is all about time. As the most fast-paced social network of the “big three,” (the others being Facebook and Google+), if you’re not quick with the keystrokes you could be falling behind on the latest trending topics. According to a 2012 study by the social media software company beevolve, the average Twitter user follows approximately 102 people. Considering the Twitter fact sheet notes there’s 500 million tweets sent per day, an average user’s Twitter feed moves pretty fast!

If you feel that your tweets are falling on deaf ears and getting lost in the feeds, there’s a simple strategy to help boost your presence on followers’ Twitter feeds: repetition!

Understand How Twitter Feeds Work

A user’s Twitter feed speed depends on three factors: how many users the user follows, how often those followed users tweet, and what kind of device the user uses to receive her Twitter feed.

The more users a Twitter account follows, the more potential tweets that user will see in her feed. If a user follows highly active accounts that tweet multiple times a day, this will also increase the volume of tweets that move her feed along.

Device type is also important. Mobile users often set up alerts to see when particular users tweet or are mentioned in a tweet. If a user is especially interested in what another user has to say, she’ll turn on notifications for that user so she will know every time that user tweets.

Repeat Tweets Are Redundant, and That’s a Good Thing

Redundancy can be a great benefit to promoting your business in the Twitterverse. Considering how fast your followers’ Twitter feeds may be moving, your individual tweet can get lost in the shuffle if your followers don’t have your specific account set to alert them when you tweet. The key to preventing this loss of exposure is to repeat your tweets a few times a day. By posting multiple times you boost your chances of followers seeing your tweets as they check their feeds during the day.

Just be sure not to abuse it. Don’t send out the same exact message 10 times a day for three days straight. Vary your posts, post about different things, and share engaging content and comments.

The key to marketing success on Twitter is first getting your followers engaged with your Tweets – if they don’t see them they can’t comment back or retweet. Of course, you have to have something of interest or substance to Tweet out – and that’s where your web content comes into play!

Tweets without purpose won’t do your business any justice in the world of social media marketing. Your followers want content, and we’re here to help! Hop over to our contact form or give us a call today – 888-521-3880.