How to Get Your Content Ready for the Holidays

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Your local retail stores have probably had their holiday displays set up for weeks by now, so it’s about time the rest of us get into the holiday spirit with seasonal content. There are three major holiday events coming up this month for which you can create some content.

Veteran’s Day Content

One of the major patriotic holidays is coming up on November 11th where we honor all of our military veterans. This year the holiday falls on a Monday, meaning most government employees will enjoy a three-day weekend, and many private businesses may also be closed in observance of the holiday.

This is a great opportunity to show your patriotism by compiling a list of local festivities and special events. Many local restaurants and retail stores offer special discounts to military members and families, which could be a great topic for a list-style blog post! Talk about discounts, offers, and specials to help local vets find these deals in your community.

Thanksgiving Content

Time to talk some turkey – this is the opportunity to share some family recipes, or take advantage of the high search volume for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. A great idea for a blog post this year is to gather information about local food pantries and soup kitchens in need of donations. This allows you to connect with the community and also helps boost local readership.

Another idea is to share recipes and cooking tips for the holiday feast. If your business markets itself as a “family” business, you might share Grandma’s pumpkin pie secrets or even funny stories about how your Mom left the giblets in the turkey that one year. Personal content is a great way to show your business has a human side, and also a great way to appeal to Google Hummingbird when it’s written naturally.

Hanukkah Content

In a rare crossing of calendars, this year the most famous of the Jewish holidays happens to have its first day fall on Thanksgiving. The Internet has been buzzing about the new “Thanksgivukkah” holiday – there’s even a #thanksgivukkah hashtag.

Content has been popping up for mash-ups like recipes blending Jewish holiday treats with Thanksgiving staples (sweet potato latkes are a popular idea), menorahs that look like turkeys, and other creative projects. Relating some of your seasonal content to this hybrid holiday could be a great way to capture some new readers, especially if your target audience is of the Jewish faith.

Bonus Seasonal Content Idea: Daylight Savings Time

It’s not a holiday, but you might at least pop up a short note to your followers that Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 3. A Facebook post or tweet should suffice, just make sure you post it on Saturday morning/afternoon so everyone can remember to set their clocks back an hour before bedtime!

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