How to Handle Over-Optimized Content after Google Hummingbird

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Google Hummingbird’s preference for semantic search and content that reads naturally shouldn’t send you into a panic if your current content was keyword optimized. Instead of worrying how you’ll avoid de-ranking, look at this as an opportunity to clean up your content library and refresh your landing pages!

Re-Optimize and Update Your Existing Articles

If your old SEO practices involved keyword density strategies, review your articles and reevaluate how you used those keywords. Remember that Hummingbird loves synonyms, so you can keep some of your keywords intact and build upon them throughout the rest of your article.

One of the easiest ways to identify where to switch things up with synonyms is to do a search for your keyword in the body of the article. You can leave an instance or two, but to avoid repetition, use synonyms.

Aside from re-optimizing your content to remove repetitive keywords and improve synonym use, you can also use this as an opportunity to update time-sensitive articles. The best example of this is articles that mention statistics – many topics for which you’d cite statistics will have annual updates, so take this opportunity to update your articles with fresh information.

Freshen Up Your Landing Pages

Since you’re probably already working on removing keyword density optimization in favor of synonyms and natural language, why not polish up your landing pages at the same time?

Landing pages are where you can really speak naturally to your readers and potential customers. When done right, this natural conversation between you and the reader will make Hummingbird perk up and take notice. Fresh content that speaks using language regular humans can relate to? Sold!

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