How to Increase the Power of Your Law Firm’s Brand

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November 20, 2009 – Building a brand means more than just starting a business. Your brand is what separates your law firm from the dozens of other similar law firms in your area. To create a successful brand, you to actively promote and market the qualities and value of your firm as an expert entity.

For example, let’s say you are a personal injury lawyer in South Florida. There are hundreds of other personal injury lawyers in your market competing with you for the same clients. How do you stand out? This is where building a brand kicks in. In order to set your law firm apart you need to start actively marketing yourself and your law firm as a group of experts and leaders in your industry.

Marketing Yourself as an Expert

So how do you become an expert? Solidifying yourself as an expert is part sharing and part marketing. From a content perspective, it’s important to write SEO content that offers tips and advice for your potential clients that shares your expertise. In addition to sharing this information on your website, you can also write external articles and blogs for other websites (and directories), which is also great for backlinks, as well as create online press releases that can get picked up by local and national media.

When you think of an expert, you tend to think of someone who is well informed on their topic of choice and is able to get that message out to the masses. To build your law firm’s brand you need to create and promote those opportunities. Create relationships with local reporters and news editors so when they need a legal opinion on a news story they will come to you. When you are published in a legal journal, receive an award, participate as the key speaker at an important conference, etc., create blogs or in some cases press releases to inform the world about your achievements.

Experts gain recognition through promotion. In other words, no one is going to know about all the wonderful and expert-related things that you do unless you tell them. Marketing yourself as an expert means taking the information you have as well as your professional accomplishments and letting the world know!

By marketing your expertise and proving that you have the knowledge and experience to back up those claims, you help to create a brand for your law firm as a group of industry experts who truly excel in their given field. You are a voice that others look to for information. That level of branding is priceless.

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