How to Make Life on the Internet Better

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June 24, 2010 – For many of us, our day to day lives are nearly dominated by the Internet. Our phones and computers are all hooked into the World Wide Web, and it’s starting to make its way into our cars and televisions.

When faced with an oversaturation of virtual interaction, some people decide to just go cold turkey. For many of us who rely on the Internet for business, we can’t do that, but we can take some steps to loosen our digital collars a bit and make life on the Internet a bit better.

Tip #1 – Avoid e-mails/articles with a number in the title.
 “The top 10 reasons to…” or “Four Steps to…” these are usually either time-wasting lists of things, or supposed quick fixes to common problems. It’s rare that a few simple steps will solve a problem for everyone, and “top 10” lists are not only a waste of time, but who’s doing the ranking and by what criteria? (and yes, we know the irony that we’re making a numbered list here, but the numbers are just there for organization – we swear!)

Tip #2 – When someone links to a video, consider the source.
 What kind of stuff does this person usually link you to? Is it quality content you’re really interested in, or is it just another video of a cat running into a paper bag? If they don’t normally send you relevant content, this latest YouTube link is probably more of the same.

Tip #3 – Don’t friend strangers.
 If you’re getting friend requests from people you have to check their mutual friends just to figure out how you know them, they’re not really a friend. If this isn’t someone you talk to at least once a month offline (phone or in person) let the request go. This will reduce your news feed clutter and remind you that real friendships involve a little more interaction than Facebook pokes.

Tip #4 – Stop using Facebook to wish friends a Happy Birthday.
 Sure, Facebook’s birthday reminders are great for helping us remember, but save the birthday wall posts for friends you’re not as close with (although if you follow tip #3 you shouldn’t have any of those). Your real friends and relatives deserve more than a few lines of text on their wall, send a card or pick up the phone. Better yet, an in person visit!

Tip #5 – Stop the “forward this to all your friends” urge.
 Chances are not all your friends care about the same causes you do, and not all share the same sense of humor. And those virus alerts and dangerous new gang activity warnings? They’re either bogus or old news. If there really was a serious crime wave going on, you’d be hearing it on the local news, not an e-mail chain letter. Check websites like for the latest e-hoaxes before forwarding another e-mail.

Tip #6 – Don’t fight your battles in comments.
 Remember that the Internet is a public forum and everyone with access to the blog, Facebook post, or forum can see just how silly your argument is. With most Internet arguments, nobody wins and everyone comes off looking like an ego-happy jerk.

Tip #7 – When working in a non-Internet program, close your browser.
 If you don’t need it to do whatever work you’re doing in Word, Excel or whatever program you’re working in, you don’t need the browser open. The distraction can be too great to just pop over and check your e-mail, or see if your favorite blog has updated. You’ll get things done quicker if you concentrate on that program and not the Internet browser.

If you take some of this advice to heart, you may see your own Internet addiction downfalls and be able to break some of the habit. Remember that there was life before the Internet (the latest generation may not believe it, but it did exist!). Technology is great, but there’s something still to be said for getting together with friends in person rather than a chat room!

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