How to Properly Respond to Comments on Your Web Content

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Receiving comments on your web content is among the best evidence that business article marketing works. The point of hiring an article writing service is to ensure your business is marketed with top-quality web content – the stuff that clients want to read and interact with.

Your web content should spark interest and engage readers, prompting them to take action. Whether it’s to make a trip to your store or submit their information to request a consultation, your content should be inspiring your clients to DO something.

One of the major focuses of business article marketing is to foster relationships with your clients. In the world of Internet marketing, client engagement and interaction is often done through comments and replies to the blogs and articles you’re writing.

Web Content Comments Can Be Kind or Cruel

As with any client feedback, the comments on your business article marketing profiles or business blog can be positive or negative. There are many types of comment styles out there, some good and some bad, and you should have a plan to react to each one.

Detailed, positive comments are the best of the best, the kind of comments you want to see on a regular basis. They’re insightful and give you substance to establish a better connection with that client (or potential client). These are comments you should really focus on, because not only does it encourage more client interaction, it shows that you care about what clients have to say.

Short, positive comments are still good for your web content, but not as substantial. Some might warrant a “thanks for commenting!” response just to show that you are reading and are receptive to feedback.

Short, negative comments are a gray area. They could be an irate reader that feels like making a little trouble, or they could be a concerned customer that just didn’t feel like articulating their thoughts completely. In either case, you should give a short reply acknowledging the comment and giving the commenter options for reaching you directly to discuss and resolve the issue in greater detail.

Detailed, negative comments must be addressed to show that you can take good feedback with the bad. Hopefully any negative comments you receive are well-written and contain substance to which you can respond. Show readers that you are concerned by addressing the issue and working with the commenter to develop a plan to rectify the situation.

Put the Same Effort into Your Comment Replies As You Do Your Web Content

If a commenter leaves a few details (positive or negative) with the comment, your comment replies should aim for more than just “thanks for the comment” – you want to take the time to give a personal nod to whatever the commenter said on your blog web content. Here’s an example of how a good comment dialogue should go:

Comment: Great article on Internet marketing! I love your suggestion of how an article writing service can do a lot of what I’ve been struggling to do for my business. I never knew about business article marketing, either; it seems like the new way to go!

Response: Thanks for your feedback! We’d love to give you more information about Internet marketing and show you how our article writing service can help you get started with business article marketing. Give us a call at 888-521-3880 or e-mail us at to chat!

Acknowledge the effort they put into commenting by putting the same effort into your reply. It’ll help foster relationships with your clients and encourage more commenting and interaction with your business article marketing and web content!