How to Spot and Stop Video Game Addiction in Your Children

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If you suspect your children are at risk for video game addiction, there are steps to stop it before it worsens. Doing so is crucial since it is a serious affliction that sometimes requires time in a rehabilitation facility. However, you first need to know the signs of video game addiction in children. Keep an Eye on Warning Signs of Dependence on Video Games Letting your children stay inside after school to play games is not negative by itself. Allowing the hobby to become an addiction is. Stay alert to the signs of video game addiction according to WebMD:

  • Refusal to do anything but play games
  • Truancy from school in order to play more games
  • Anger, tantrums, and depression when not allowed to play video games
  • Missing sleep, hygiene, and meals just to get to the next level

Minimize the Risks of Full-Blown Video Game Addiction If your children display some of the symptoms of game addiction, it is not too late to help. Mothers Against Videogame Addiction and Violence has created a list that offers tips to stop addictive behavior from turning into a bigger issue requiring a treatment center. The first step is to make sure computers and gaming consoles are only available in common areas of the house so you can keep an eye on game time. Signing up your child for afterschool activities and allowing supervised playtime or gatherings of friends at your house are also ways to get your child off the computer and into the real world. Is your child becoming addicted to video games? Then you will want to read our sample article Find Help for Your Loved One’s Video Game Addiction.   And to view more examples of our search engine optimized Web content, visit the Sample Content section of our website.